Flow Cheat

This cheat can give you up to 100 70 flow,

but can only be used once a day.

type test-mode 42

hit enter

now type cryptobiologist

hit enter again

You can use it once a day & get 3 more flow each day. The first time you try it you get 10 flow.

The second time – 13.   The max is 100 70 flow!

sentences like so should appear

This is the original cheat in ourWorld.


About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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11 Responses to Flow Cheat

  1. kaykay598 says:

    if u just type the phrases u get flow even though u typed the other flow cheat it doesnt skip flow numbers but it works!!!! :)

  2. linedancer says:

    i found out something. the cheat doesnt work anymore if you used it a lot. with my noobs it still works. so there must be a maximum number of use for it.

  3. henry608 says:

    i think the cheat is super coool!!!!!!!

  4. anistasha says:

    i use it 9 times it works.
    and i have 1000 flows

  5. Rx says:

    The maxium flow boost for a tourist is 800%, and the maximum for a Resident is 900%

  6. ashergaiters615 says:

    dude this cheats awsome thanks to u im a lv 20. thx for adding me to ur friends

  7. rock freak says:

    why 70 flow?:( and not 100 :((( like usual :(( i dont understand..

  8. alex says:

    its dosent give u 100 flow. ok it gives ur under 10 have a gr8 day and ur welcome for telling u about it if u want 2 add me on ourworld my name is 027alex

    • T0XiiC Sharpie says:

      NoNo, it gives you under ten depending on how many times you have used the “cheat”, how many days you’ve logged on ourWorld, and what level you are. At least… I think so, :P

      ~T0XiiC Sharpie

      • linedancer says:

        when you use it evereday it goes up and up till 70. if you forget one day, you have to start all over. it doesnt matter what level u are

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