Secret Cupid’s Bow

How to get the secret Cupid’s Bow!

Start by visiting Edwin’s Condo
1. Go to your friend’s list and search:

2. Go to his Condo.

3. Let’s buy love potion for 5 gems.
Edwin is such a romantic at heart, I know  :P

4. Throw the potion at him and he’ll say:

5. Now let’s visit Collette’s condo.
6. Give Collette the letter. Watch the drama unfold, lol:

7. Now go back to Edwin’s condo.
8. Give him the heartbreaking letter.
9. He’ll reply with an emo response.
Now we’ll be able to purchase Cupid’s Bow! It costs 5 gems, though -_-

But it’s an interesting love story, nonetheless.
And if you visit Nevermore then look closely at the headstone. It says :(

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2 Responses to Secret Cupid’s Bow

  1. Just Someone Liek this Blog O.o says:

    Thanks for the post , He commited emo suicide btw.

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