Oberon’s Daylight Box

Oberon's Daylight Box (4)

Oberon’s Daylight Box: March 2010 – Jun 30 2010
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:1 = Poor Quality: not worth selling on marketplace

2 = Common Quality: can sell in marketplace but for less than 99,999

3 = Uncommon Quality: sells in marketplace for 100,000 – 249,999

4 = Rare Quality: rare and sells for 250,000 – 999,999

5 = Epic: extremely rare and sells for prices over 1,000,000

-Female Outfits- -Male Outfits-
[outfit goes here]

Daylight Outfit

Fae Ranger Outfit

-Females- -Males- -Accessories-

Daylight Leaf Dress (5)

Flower Petal Daylight Dress (4)

Titania's Daylight Tunic (3)

Titanias Daylight Skirt (3)

Fae Ranger Daylight Jacket (3)

Fae Ranger Daylight Boots (3)

Daylight Leaf Shirt (4)

Archer's Daylight Belt (4)

Oberon's Daylight Tunic (3)

Oberon's Daylight Robes (3)

Fae Ranger Daylight Jacket (3)

Fae Ranger Daylight Boots (3)

Daphne The Daylight Leaf Spirit +20% flow boost (5)

Oberon's Daylight Leaf Blade (4)

Titania's Daylight Staff +20% flow boost (5)

Daylight Pixie Wings +20% flow boost (5)

Oberon's Daylight Scarf (4)

Mystical Daylight Leaves (4)

Daylight Leaf Spirit Hat (4)

Daylight Elf Ears (3)

Daylight Crown +20% flow boost (5)

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  1. xbluelovvahh says:

    wots the numbers next to it?

    it it like how many is left?

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