Blue Bento Mystery Box

Blue Bento Box (4)

Blue Bento Box: July 2009 – Present
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:
1 = Poor Quality: not worth selling on marketplace
2 = Common Quality: can sell in marketplace but for less than 99,999
3 = Uncommon Quality: sells in marketplace for 100,000 – 249,999
4 = Rare Quality: rare and sells for 250,000 – 999,999
5 = Epic: extremely rare and sells for prices over 1,000,000
-Females- -Males- -Accessories-

Samurai Robes (3)

Sleeveless Kimono (2)

Maple Leaf Sleeveless Kimono (2)

Ninja Vest (2)

Ninja Scout Pants (2)

Shinobi Jacket (3)

Shinobi Shirt (2)

Shinobi Shorts (2)

Shogun Top (2)

Shogun Hakama (2)

Dogi (2)

Sleeveless Kimono (2)

Maple Leaf Sleeveless Kimono (2)

Sakura Kimono (2)

Ninja Scout Shirt (2)

Shinobi Shirt (2)

Shinobi Shorts (2)

Shogun Hakama (2)

Tsuki Samurai Helmet +20% flow boost (4)

Blue Ronin Hat (4)

Shinobi Mask (3)

Festive Fox Mask (3)

Fox Mask (3)

Shinai (2)

Sakura Water Fan (2)

Kunai (2)

Giant Wind Shuriken +20% flow boost (4)

Ninja Scroll +20% flow boost (4)

Spirit Flames (5)

— More to come! —

***If you have any of the missing items for this section and want to help complete it, then please leave a comment. We will reward your help generously!***

Thanks to everyone in contributing to this page!


About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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14 Responses to Blue Bento Mystery Box

  1. songohan12 says:

    You forgot the Males Dogi lol XD

  2. rainee says:

    I’m Just wondering, but do you know about the Blue Ronin hat? ^-^;
    I don’t see the image on here, and I do know that they exist.
    I can try and put it on my wishlist, and you can get the picture?
    Unless you already have it. haha. ;D

    • LunaLocket says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment rainee :) We do know of the blue Ronin Hat. But we do not have the image :( If you have it or see it, it would be awesome of you to put it on your wishlist so we can easily grab the image! Just add me on ourWorld. My name on there is “CK LunaLocket”. Thank-you so much!

  3. XxBlueGamer says:

    have you put it up on the site yet

  4. anna says:

    is the pirate jacket in the blue box??

    btw im Oo Cxiix3 oO

  5. XxBlueGamerxX says:

    uhhm just give meur amail ill send you the pic or send me a email and ill send on back to you okay becuzz i dont have msn yet

  6. XxBlueGamerxX says:

    I have one ill send you the photo any way tanks for the help Good luck :D (shall i send it to this page?

    • LunaLocket says:

      Just put it on your wishlist if you can. Msg me on ourWorld so I know who you are! My username is CK LunaLocket. Thanks.

      • XxBlueGamerxX says:

        uhhm do you have a email becuzz i cant put it on my wish list so ill send it to your email if you give it to me okay

      • skyelogic says:

        Sure. I added you onto MSN so we can send it quickly through chat.
        We appreciate the help and support. Luna and I plan to have all the items
        and secrets up within a month — marks calendar ^.^

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