April 5th – April 11th


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About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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5 Responses to April 5th – April 11th

  1. lightangel786 says:

    Lol ncie website i made one myself wasnt very good so i left doing it anyway very good work and add me ligthangel786

    Keep up the goodwork Luna and skyelogic

  2. Last Cookie says:

    Good luck on the site,
    I love it so far!

  3. Full sorrow says:

    skye good blog ive made 1 too im doin my best so be sure to check it out… lol :) btw i have told loads and loads of ppl about yur blog and website and ck crew and website…:D :) ;)
    thanks Full sorrow

    • skyelogic says:

      lol, nice full sorrow

      although your blog is beginning to look identical to our own. you can at least reference us. we work very hard to bring our readers the images we capture.

      thanks man. keep at it ^_^

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