Resident Condo Items

Resident Sun Glasses (2)

Resident (Monthly) Items: Oct 2008 — May 2010
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:
1 = Poor Quality: not worth selling on marketplace2 = Common Quality: can sell in marketplace but for less than 99,999

3 = Uncommon Quality: sells in marketplace for 100,000 – 249,999

4 = Rare Quality: rare and sells for 250,000 – 999,999

5 = Epic: extremely rare and sells for prices over 1,000,000

–2008– –2009– –2010–

September Dragon Fountain

October Monster Under The Bed

November Radiobot

December Holiday Tree

January Ox Lamp

February Sugar Star Heart Window

March Leprecaun Lamp

April Showers

May Stormy View

June Anubis Decor (5)

July Fusion Generator (5)

August Super Throne

September Mystery Map

October Coffin Wardrobe

Novemeber Amp Guitar

December Fireplace (5)

January Bzzt Bench (5)

February Tiger Bed (5)

March Wonderland Theme

April Sacred Tree (5)

May Disco Ball

Missing: 2009 January Ox Lamp!

***If you have any of the missing items for this section and want to help complete it then, please, leave a comment and your ourWorld username. We will generously reward your help!***


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3 Responses to Resident Condo Items

  1. yawai says:

    Also coffin wardrobe…..

  2. Yawai says:

    I think you forgot the 2010 wonderland theme and
    2009 resident sunglasses…

    I’ll try to get the pic…

  3. Mar 2009: Leprechaun Lamp
    Jan 2009: Ox Lamp
    Dec 2008: Christmas Tree
    November 2008: Radiobot

    -All I can remember off the top of my head-

    Click the News Module, look in the lower left hand corner, and click previous.

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