Get Upz Collectables

Getupz Info

Get Upz Collector Items

Get Upz Collector Items: Beginning – Present
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:
1 = Poor Quality: not worth selling on marketplace
2 = Common Quality: once again, not worth selling on marketplace
3 = Uncommon Quality: has a chance at selling in marketplace. great to sell to new players
4 = Rare Quality: most of these items are rare and sell well in the marketplace
5 = Epic: extremely rare and sell for very high prices in the marketplace
-items in ascending order-

ourWorld Stylish Beanie (2)

Sporty Slick Vest (2)

Stylish Oval Shades (2)

Golden Eagle Necklace +10% flow boost (3)

Industrial Style Boots (3)

Techno Headset (4)

Techno Vest (4)

Windy Scarf (5)

— Section Complete! —

***If you have any questions or ideas for this section and want to help then please leave a comment. Thank you!***

Long Live The Spoon!

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9 Responses to Get Upz Collectables

  1. Rosier says:

    Hmmm… How much does it cost to buy all those items?

    • Friend says:

      I know this is an old post but I know a lot of people actually want to know the total because no one says it anywhere except “over 100k” but it’s actually in the MILLIONS. but the costs about 4 million coins to get all. I’m on the last two right now and spent over 3.6 million coins. So expensive for just 1k a day. And be careful not to delete an item before you complete the set or it will make you buy it again. You can delete it after the set is complete only. Wish that was noted to me because I ran out of space and noticed I needed to buy the whole set again.

  2. LONG LIVE THE SPOON!!!!! says:

    if u buy all da getUpz stuff how much will u earn all together??

    p.s love ur crew even if i am not in it i will love u guyz ooh and i am also ur biggest # 1 fan of all time <3

  3. xbluelovvahh says:

    er.. it the golden eagle one a flow boost neklace cos cum1 said it wos…

  4. Loverno says:

    and what about girls?

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