How to become a Volunteer

How to become a volunteer

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Volunteers: Started February 2010
Volunteers are players who are 13 years or older and at least level 40.

The three primary tasks of Volunteers are:

+ Live Help – Help ourWorld players by answering Live Help requests.

+ Testing – Volunteers have access to the test server.  A select few receive boosts for testing new features.

+ Moderators – a small number of our most capable volunteers will be granted additional moderator powers in the ourWorld forum and in the game.

Volunteers do not receive any special compensation, but we believe the program is rewarding on its own.  Volunteers do gain access to the exclusive Volunteer Forum section of the ourWorld Forum.

UPDATE: The volunteer program is currently full.  ourWorld is not adding new Volunteer Helpers to the program at this time.

Step 1: Account —> Help

Let's begin by clicking help.

Step 2: Request Support —> Request Help

A new window will open. Click Request Support.

From there click Request Help

Step 3: Send ourWorld a Message

Choose Topic to Volunteer

Topic: Volunteer
Dear ourWorld,

I am interested in becoming a volunteer.  I am over the age of 13 and I’m at least a level 40.  I am supportive of ourWorld and their hardwork.  I can only ask that you make me a volunteer so I can support your site even more, thanks.
I will surely grateful.

Referred By: CK SkyeLogic & CK LunaLocket

Step 4: Wait for a Reply

Volunteers Have an Extra Icon

Give it time.  It may take up to a 1 week for ourWorld to respond.

UPDATE: The volunteer program is currently full.  ourWorld is not adding new Volunteer Helpers to the program at this time.

However, if you tell them that you’ve spent a generous amount of money to compensate their salaries then they’re sure to make you a volunteer.  And if that doesn’t work then threaten to spend no money on their site.  This will surely persuade them.

If all else fails then spam their message machine >:)

Flowplay Phone Number: 206 903 0457

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8 Responses to How to become a Volunteer

  1. xalvin says:

    do you have to close the ticket that you sent to the ourworld staff?

  2. Gheedaz says:

    WoOw!!! amazin site ;)
    ur the best <3
    i hope they accept me as a helper :)

  3. unknown says: has more secrets than last cookie…like eet ;)

  4. Unloved Angel says:

    Wow! Your site is soo much better then Last Cookie’s


  5. kicha says:

    nice website its the best website ive ever seen 8-) luv it !!!!

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