Photo Contest: Random Gift

Ow Nikkie

Ow Nikkie, who is in the crew Cxi Bad Gurls, is holding a photo contest.

The winner(s) receive gifts. The rules are as follow:

1.  Take a funny photo on ourworld

2.  Save it to your album

3.  Write a comment on her blog, and tell her your name on ourworld.

4.  She will check the picture

5.  She will put it on her blog

6.  Her visitors will vote the best pic

7.  The one who wins will get a special gift on ourworld, bought with gems, by Ow Nikkie

*one photo for each person*

Anyone can enter. Only one will win.

Contest Ends: May 15th, 2010


Cxi Bad Gurls


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I wear a lot of hats.
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One Response to Photo Contest: Random Gift

  1. NikkieSweet says:

    Thanks so much for putting these :-*

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