April 12th – 18th Updates Pt. 1


Check out the cork board to see what’s coming out this week!!!

Mystery Boxes will cost 29 gems (Limited Time Only)

◊-◊—◊Brag Bag◊—◊-◊

One of our favorite new features

Now you can show off all your super cool rare items to your friends! Any items from mystery boxes or items no longer available in the shops (except the marketplace) will come up here with a rarity rating. You’ll find the brag bag by your wishlist on your profile.

For anyone that’s modest about their items, you can manually add items yourself or not all by unchecking the box at the bottom.

Click profile --- Then Bag

◊-◊—◊Critter Garden◊—◊-◊

Make even more money!

You can have your very own pets to keep in your condo with critter garden. Best of all, you can make money from them everyday! The higher level your critter(s) becomes, the more coins you can get.  There are a variety of critters to choose from — all with different environments (see below).
There will now be a way to get daily income other than Getupz!  We love coins ^.^

All the critter gardens ^.^


Click to play Puzzatales

Dear all our beloved vampires,
Be sure to check out the newest games.  They’re all about vampires, and they’re especially fun.
Save water.  Drink blood.

Click to play:


Vampire Fever

Antidote Pandemia

Go to “Games List” at the top to play more!

·······················Wanna see more updates? Click here for part two!!!·······················


About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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16 Responses to April 12th – 18th Updates Pt. 1

  1. paris says:

    ur site is rlly cool wow keep it up

  2. myassar770 says:

    this site isssssssss way better than last cookie great site ^^

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  4. shinya sano says:


    who’s with me?

  5. xnellekx says:

    I love your blog…
    Do you mind if I use ur pics for my blog? Please? Dont worry. im going to say credit goes to so-and-so.

    Just one question.. where do you get these pics? I cant really get them, so i have to get it from other websites. Please help me out. (:

  6. Last Cookie says:

    Hey add my other account StarzyXD

  7. NikkieSweet says:

    The Criter Garden is the best of the updates ^^
    I like it the most :)

  8. NikkieSweet says:

    You rock guys!!
    Awesome updates,love them!! :x :X
    thanks for dah support
    CrAzY nIkKi3

  9. janexxxrose says:

    i love this site
    plz visit mine too

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