April 12th – 18th Updates Pt. 2

More Critter Garden Updates!

Welcome screen to Critter Garden!

Buy your nest!

Choose your egg!

Mix and match eggs and nests! Each one has a different hatching rate, so wait for your critter's arrival patiently!

Critter Hatches! Sell it for coins!


About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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10 Responses to April 12th – 18th Updates Pt. 2

  1. hey i replyed could u check back!!

  2. Hey Skyelogic! I have a question! ummm go to my blog and leave a comment plz and then ill reply uh yea ok byeee thanks !

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  4. KrazziiChick says:

    thnx very much 4 da info!

  5. COokie monster says:

    Ello is the critter thing like are u able to do it and how can u get to it???

    • LunaLocket says:

      The critter garden isn’t available yet. It will be available in a week. This is just a sneak peek into what you can expect!

  6. NySa Cecilia says:

    Hi Skye… how did you did this pic? pls. comment me.. on my site… Thanks… or p.m message me… nysacecilia@yahoo.com

  7. luvu4ever621 says:

    Kewl im gonna put this on ur blog, but ill give credit to u :)

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