April 12th – April 18th


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About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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18 Responses to April 12th – April 18th

  1. Tottaly awesome says:

    Brand new blog runned by “Digital World” founders,I just found it and it’s tottaly awesome!

  2. wow thx now i can use it every week

  3. That’ll be cool to be on your site too! Thanks!! Visit daily!


  4. Arora00 says:

    Hi sky i love your site!!!! can we be friends on ourworld??

  5. barbie8 says:

    go to my site for updates and etc..


  6. Kylie x3 says:

    thx HI

  7. xOx RaWaN xOx says:

    Thnxx Skyelogic for Comments :P can u add me on OW ?

  8. NySa Cecilia says:

    Hi Skye… can u tell me how did you do the update pic? pls. comment me on my site… thanks… :)

  9. lala says:

    hey..someone said that mystery boxes were goin down to 29 gems!!

    is it true? if so when is it gonna happen?

  10. lightangel786 says:

    Hey i created a website can you guys help me
    also i gave credit to you for the updates :)

  11. Rhyses says:

    Ahh, I used to play Spineworld. It got a tad boring, but I still have my leafy staff. 8)

  12. xKiya says:

    Ty for theee coodee :] x

  13. Conanshinichi says:

    I need help about the april fool gift….add me in ourworld

    • LunaLocket says:

      Hi Conanshinichi. Not sure if this answers your question, but if you didn’t receive the April Fool’s gift, it’s probably because you didn’t sign onto ourWorld April 1st :( Perhaps you can find it in the marketplace.

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