Wishing Star

Wishing Star (5+)

Wishing Star: Nov 25 2009 – Dec 31 2009
Contents of a Wishing Star:

  • 50 Flow     —  30% chance
  • 100 Flow   — 25 % chance
  • 250 Flow   — 20% chance
  • 500 Flow   — 15% chance
  • 1000 Flow — 10%  chance
Flow Stars in Order:

30% Chance

25% Chance

20% Chance

15% Chance

10% Chance

— Section Complete! —

Thank pokemon for contributing to this page!

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I wear a lot of hats.
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4 Responses to Wishing Star

  1. Static Energy says:

    Sooo… U can only get it from skeleton key?
    If so that sucks Junk.. Cuz im not a member
    (add me Static Energy) (been following ourgemcodes or last cookie since jan. 09)

  2. Taurus2010 says:

    can u please buy me a gift from my wish list please 8-)
    if u do wen i get gems i gift u

  3. Taurus2010 says:

    How do we buy a wishing star?
    My name on ow is Taurus2010 can u buy me a gift from my wish list plz or a wishing star please :)

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