April 19th – April 25th


Don’t have the toolbar? That’s okay. Use this:



Earn 600 gems by entering our poetry contest:




About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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16 Responses to April 19th – April 25th

  1. babywaw says:

    o.O ” ..
    what is that mean ?! ..
    when u comment or post or add pepz u will get some ?!
    im really dont understand !! -.-“

  2. xKiya says:

    He cant just GIVE you 100 gems.. :L

  3. How do you make the forum? Plz either email me on ourworld: FaMoUs BuNnY BoP

    P.S xxBluebunnyxx was my old name :]

  4. NySa Cecilia says:

    Hi Skyee… :) i’ve noticed that ur site address changed… i dunno how 2 do dat.. can u teach me? thanks… :)

  5. X ShadowDragon X says:

    what do u mean by a 1000 forum gems??

  6. janexxxrose says:

    u site is awsome i saw u in forums of ourworld

  7. Surfergal16 says:

    I’ll join! P.S I wanna add you to my blogroll, I’m naming it Skyelogic, if you want it to be called something different then post on my site! :)

  8. NikkieSweet says:

    What is that poetry contest?
    Can I send u a poem here?

    • skyelogic says:

      The poetry contest can be found in our Forums —> Poetry.

      Currently, we have around 20 entries which isn’t much after you consider all the people who play ourWorld. So your odds in winning seem pretty high. I suggest submitting a poem and becoming acquainted with our Forum World.

      If you accumulate 10,000 Forum Gems then you’ll be rewarded with 100 in-game gems.


  9. awesomed says:

    thank you !

  10. how i posted n i did not get 100 gems

    can i have 100 gems plz awesome web site skye u rock

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