Bypass Chat Filter





ass aspire A S S
basterd basterd basterd
bitch bites BlCTH
cock coco C0CK
cunt cup cun+
damn damp dam
dick *** DlCK
email email email
faggot faeces phaggot
fuck fugle phuk
gang bang gang bang gang bang
hell helix heIl
hotmail *** HOTMAlL
idiot idiot idiot
kinky kinky kinky
mail *** male
molest molest molest
niggers nieces NlGGERS
orgy oriel orgie
penis pengo PENlS
poopy poopy poopy
rape rant raip
sex sewn secks
sexy sewn cxi
shit shirt shiet or chit
slut slush sIut
suck such suk
titty tissues TlTTlES
vag vag vag
vagina vagrom VAGlNA
virgin virgin virgin

About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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11 Responses to Bypass Chat Filter

  1. nick says:

    umm you forgot gay and its g a y

    vizard nick

  2. :L kinda innapropriate… >.>

  3. xTimeless says:

    How smart do you get?

  4. graah says:

    they already have lives!!

    man this is AWESOME> you guys are like.. wow o.o i’d never have thought of that :O

  5. Um. :S says:

    That’s really inappropriate and childish…
    Get a life .___.

  6. Honestly, you use very complex ways of bypassing the filter…
    You can say az for ass.
    Also, why teach ways to bypass the filter. It’s there for a reason… ._.

  7. Surfergal16 says:

    Haha gettin DiRtY?? lol thats gud! :)

  8. XxBlueGamerxX says:

    for shit you can put sh it i tryd it

  9. jewlz says:

    as good as this is its, REALLY bad.

  10. heelygurl says:

    LOL OMG! That’s very nice eto read xD. Oh and sure you can put it on the contest list ( Your comment your put on my site :) ) after I edit it again lolx. ~ Heely Awesome job!

  11. Mutiny says:

    You are superbeings.

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