Playtest Server


Playtest (n.): A playtest is the process by which a game designer tests a new game for bugs and improvements before bringing it to market. Playtests can be run “open”, “closed”, “beta”, or otherwise.

The ourWorld playest is beta.  However, we do not recommend that you let others know about this link as we will get much criticism from this.  Also, keep in mind that we did not disclose this information.  We, merely, have shown people how to find it.

We believe in Freedom of Press and Freedom of speech. It’s your right to know.

Step 1: Google!

it seems other people have searched this too ;)

Let’s ask the all wise and omnipotent Google where it is  ^.^
Step 2: Oh, there it is >:)
There it is.  Just copy/paste it into your browser.  You’re welcome! :D
***PLEASE NOTE:  In no way have we broken any of the rules.

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I wear a lot of hats.
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22 Responses to Playtest Server

  1. I couldn’t think you are more right!

  2. denisekyle says:

    it wont let me log in..

  3. NikkieSweet says:

    Ya rock!!

  4. vegieegoodcodes says:

    i dont get it, but thx fro showing me the playtest link.
    What do I copy and paste in my broswer??
    I think people should know, it’s unfair that some ppl shouldn’t know about the playtest, to be a volunteer!! But I dont think everyone should know that would be CRAZY and that will mean that everyone will have a blog!! >:( >:(
    So if you can plzz help me, thx :D :)

    You guys rox!!! :P

  5. Naomi says:

    You guys are so….civilised like.. the way you talk and stuff.. its so cool 8D like those posh people.. but its still cool like you use punctuation and stuff.. and no one else does.. it makes you seem like .. umm.. cant find the word but its something good :)

    great blog!! i wonder what you’re like in real life o.o

    lmao. soz >.<

    Nemmee <3

  6. Everyone is right. You both really shouldn’t have given out the Playtest Link. I thought you guys were mature enough to realize that the PlayTest Server is only a priveledge to us Volunteers and the Ow Administration.

    I still don’t understand why you would give out these steps. Obviously you are not actually DISPLAYING the Link itself, but you’re still showing other People how to access the Playtest Server.

    It’s STILL against the rules, even if you haven’t actually posted the link. Many people have reported this, and I’ve seen some Topics about this incident on the Forums. I wish you two the best. Hope you figure something out and your guys’ account won’t get banned!

    Yours Truly,

    DC AaronZero DC

    • Naomi says:

      they wont mind that much.. millions of people know this already.. like from :LAST YEAR!!!

      dw guys.. you wont get banned.. and if you do ill sue them o.o ;)

      Nemmee <3

  7. UK JaDe says:

    How dare you give you the playtest site!
    That site is Volunteer Only!
    You should be shameful!
    UK JaDe x

  8. Yours Truly says:

    This Website is on a public viewing for Wylde to see.
    Soon he will see our topic and whoever posted this will most likely be banned.
    Why you might ask?
    Its because the Playtest link is not to be given out.
    We have strict rules against it.
    You should no better,Have fun with your Fifteen Minutes of Fame.
    Make it Last.Hehe.

  9. King says:

    Skye, Luna u think u should also add that you cannot use you real account on that server. You need to create a new one

  10. Nana says:

    Great job btw =] you guys the the BESTEST EVER. You have like EVERYTHING. How do you find the time? o.o >.<

  11. janexxxrose says:

    hello miss
    u forgot abt the rules that v should not say any one abt this!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO

  12. graah says:


    does the testing / crystallinities thing work??

  13. graah says:

    how come it wont let you login????????????

  14. xxshadowdragonxx says:

    if OW finds out,then they will ban ur accounts

  15. pop129 says:

    it wont let me log in it says invalid password but its right!!! :( is this some trick?

  16. .. says:


    • Nana says:

      Hmm.. wont the ourworld people be mad if they find out you posted this?

      “However, we do not recommend that you let others know about this link as we will get much criticism from this.” – your blog is so popular that tonnes of people probably know already >..< o.o

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