Max Flow Guide

Flow Chart

Flow Chart

Maximum (Personal) Flow Boost: 640%

Maximum Flow Boost Allowed: 900%

Some of the items below may be interchanged with other items.  For example, Nettle the Nightshade Leaf Spirit can be replaced with Yoreck the Yeti.  However, these items cannot be stacked.

Max (Personal) Flow: 640%

Maximum (Group) Flow Boost: 1390%

The max group boosters are:

–Bejeweled Sapphire Headpiece (100%)
–Bejeweled Sapphire Brooch (50%)
–Booster Z Cuffs (100%)

You can have up to 3 people grouped at once which means you can gain an extra 250% flow per each person (3 x 250 = 750).

Additionally, 750% to your 640% maximum boost would mean that you’d  get 1390% Boost!

Now that’s a lot of flow!

Flow boost determines how fast you gain flow – See chart:

ourWorld only allows us to gain 900% flow boost!!!!



0% Normal Rate
100% 2x Normal Rate
200% 3x Normal Rate
300% 4x Normal Rate
400% 5x Normal Rate
500% 6x Normal Rate
600% 7x Normal Rate
700% 8x Normal Rate
800% 9x Normal Rate
900% 10x Normal Rate

***It is possible to gain an even greater flow boost with the Ears/Horns Glitch***

Special thanks to:  Zacsky and x Monster x and FlowPlay Inc.

Long Live The Spoon!

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12 Responses to Max Flow Guide

  1. sugarbaby says:

    if you have many gems, you can buy many headpiece in bejewle and be rich of flow %

  2. FanGirl says:

    You can now hold two things in your right hand. A pool stick and the shield from the new mystery boxes. I don’t know if they mean for it to be that way or if it’s a glitch, but check it out. Either way with the new shield there’s another 20%. It looks kinda’ funny but it means flow faster :)

  3. xxshadowdragonxx says:

    uhh…..cooll but now…..i think that 580(680for residents) is the highest flo booost a person can get….because due to that ears/horns glitch u can wear two horns,and two head things

  4. janexxxrose says:

    hello skye
    i knwo wat is play tester now i want to know its address plz give me

  5. King says:

    I just want to point out that the maximum you get wheb you group people with many boost, u only get 900 I think. We were suppose to get 1300 something, but they only allow 900.

  6. graah says:

    whats the ears/horns glitch??

  7. NikkieSweet says:

    Cool :d
    Awesoome post ^^

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