Potion Stack

–––[ POTION STACK ]–––

+Want an aura that nobody else has? Buy 3 potions! Mix and match!+

-Must be at least level 11 to wear potions-

The highlighted potions are the ones I'm wearing.

Wear a unique look!

Potion Stack

Buy some potions.  Mix and Match!

Some cool combinations are:

Red + Black = Evil Aura
Yellow + Orange + Light Orange = Sunshine

With 14 different colors to choose from —  means there are over 150 different combination of colors we can create.  Leave a comment below and let us know of other cool shades!

Potion Effects


+These special effects were created by you!  Leave a comment and thanks :)

Dark Pink + Light Pink + Black = Very Cxi Aura

About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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5 Responses to Potion Stack

  1. where can i buy potions??


  2. FanGirl says:

    White + Bright Pink + Red = Cotton Candy

  3. oXo Kath oXo says:

    Dark Pink + Light Pink + Black or Light Yellow = A very Cxi Aura

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