Royal Majesty Box

Royal Majesty Box (N/A)

Royal Majesty Box: May 2010 – July 2010
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale:1 = Poor Quality: not worth selling on marketplace

2 = Common Quality: can sell in marketplace but for less than 99,999

3 = Uncommon Quality: sells in marketplace for 100,000 – 249,999

4 = Rare Quality: rare and sells for 250,000 – 999,999

5 = Epic: extremely rare and sells for prices over 1,000,000

-Female Outfits- -Male Outfits-
[outfit goes here]

Eminent Majesty Outfit

Imperial Majesty Outfit

-Females- -Males- -Accessories-

Lavish Majesty Hat

Lavish Majesty Gown

Stately Majesty Dress (N/A)

Nobility Majesty Dress (N/A)

Eminent Majesty Dress

Chainmail Majesty Surcoat (N/A)

Imperial Majesty Coat

Imperial Majesty Dress

Imperial Majesty Boots

Regal Majesty Dress

Lavish Majesty Jacket

Stately Majesty Jacket

Nobility Majesty Jacket

Eminent Majesty Shirt

Eminent Majesty Shorts

Chain Mail Surcoat

Imperial Majesty Coat

Imperial Majesty Shirt

Imperial Majesty Boots

Regal Majesty Vest

Lyle the Lion

Regal Majesty Crown (N/A)

Eminent Majesty Crown (N/A)

Chain Mail Majesty Helmet (N/A)

Lofty Majesty Halo (N/A)

Splendid Majesty Scarf

Lofty Majesty Wings

Masterful Majesty Sceptor (N/A)

Conquest Majesty Sword (N/A)

— More to come! —

***If you have any of the missing items for this section and want to help complete it, then please leave a comment. We will reward your help generously!***

Thanks to everyone in contributing to this page!

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15 Responses to Royal Majesty Box

  1. Ichido Shinobu says:

    ur missing the Regal Majesty Dress

  2. starlight111 says:

    kk, the clothings aren’t sexy enough to suit me

  3. Ichido Shinobu says:

    Regal Majesty Dress is missing

  4. The Naughty Kid says:

    Nobility Majesty Jacket
    Stately Majesty Jacket

    ->in bragbag

  5. Rx says:

    I think I have all the jackets. Check my grabbag. :)
    I also have a shield.

    They’re all in my grabbag.


  6. Nvm,delete my comment xD

    • LunaLocket says:

      Yeah we’re missing quite a few items. I just added the one you showed a picture of, thanks. We should have all of them up there by the end of the week!

  7. Naomi says:

    The LION the LION the LION!!!! OMG. id pay real money to get that as a pet >< AWESOME JOB OURWORLD PEOPLE!! x'D

  8. lillypad77 says:

    i think the white versions all look great :D i like lyle the lion best but theres no pic yet

  9. MareksGregs says:

    I have something to add for males.
    + I have crown to add,but it’s from second box…

  10. xXxDark AngelxXx says:

    1st comment :)

  11. xXxDark AngelxXx says:

    which accessories r for girls and which for boys?

  12. Ana.x says:

    I just HAVE to get these :O

    they’re awesome!! thanx so much guys!! =]

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