A BIG Thank-you!!!

Hi everyone!

Skye and I would like to take this post to tell you something important… Thank-you!!! Yes, YOU! For coming to our site and supporting us. We appreciate every single view we get from you. We do our very best to bring you everything you want and need to know about ourWorld. So if you ever have a question that wasn’t answered in one of our posts/pages, feel free to leave a comment and ask! We’ll answer as soon as we get a chance! Who knows, if you have a good idea,we might even make a post about it! ;)

So once again, thank-you. We will continue to bring you more about ourWorld everyday. We love you.

xoxo Skye & Luna

A very special thanks to – Neil, xinspirerx, the interwebz, KING, Justin Bieber, AlmostAlice, Rhyses, Flowplay, Ow Nikkie, Last Cookie, Oo LadyGaga oO, Hypnotic Lure, Surfer Gal, MareksGregs, EarthPrincess, xWolfofSorrow, ourWorld forum, Adam/Wylde, rainee, Full Sorrow, Pryde Production, punk90, jade rose, Steve Jobs, DC AaronZero DC, Juelz, Bill Gates, QBrad, Kim Padrow, Crew Brasil Roots, Puppyluv23, T3DDI3 B3AR, Playtest Server, Mark F., Aisling Rox, Mik3, ShadowDragon, songohan, Professor Oak, Ana.x, graah, Naomi, Nana, rainbowsnowflake blog, pop129, sweetheartbeast, Yawai and everyone else who visits! :)


About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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11 Responses to A BIG Thank-you!!!

  1. bluesalto says:

    I have a cheat for the market place!!!

    First, make a fake acount. Then for 1 whole week or any amount of time (the longer, means more money).

    Use 2 gems and put something up for the market place that equals the amount of coins that fake character has (make sure they are the level of the item needed)

    Unlock market place with that fake character and buy that item. You get the money that character has. Delete fake character and repeat.
    Easy way to earn money!

  2. bluesalto says:

    Should there be a way for kids who arent alowd to buy gems get gems anyway? Why don’t we use ourworld coins to buy gems? It can be expensive, but who cares, as long as we get gems! It would be fun adn let tourists buy cool clothes and stuff.

  3. :O I vist your website
    Where is my name?
    O well who cares :P
    You proberly don`t know me

  4. DanielleFtw says:

    I’m new too this site.

  5. Rx says:

    Oh you. :’)

  6. Puppyluv23 says:

    Yay, my name is on there, I thought you would forget about me!!
    I was almost gonna cry in joy when I saw my name!!
    YOU GUYS ROX MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

    – Puppyluv23

  7. Naomi says:

    Awww.. np =] i love your site.. just HAVE to visit everyday :P

    I know i keep sayin in but you’re absolutely AWESOME!!! <3 you guys..

  8. KING says:

    np ;)
    the website is very addicting.

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