Squiby Contest: N00B Giveaway

Reach level 500. Take a screen shot. Win gems!

Winner gets:  Level 5 Resident  W/ 400 Gems

Step 1: Click Feed me!

Win Gems!

Feed Me!

Step 2:  Take a screen shot @ Level 500

You can only click once a day.


How to take a screenshot:

Press PrtSc on your keyboard (this will copy your current desktop image)

Now open microsoft paint, adobe photoshop, or a similar art program and paste your image.  Save it.

Upload your image to Image Shack

Step 3: Win Gems!

A new clickable will take the place of the last.

Send your image to ckgemcodes@gmail.com

or copy/paste the photo’s URL in the comments.

***Please Note: This is an ongoing contest.  So a new creature will take the place of the last one.


Want more chances at winning even more gems?
Then visit our contest page!
—[Click Here!]—

Last Updated: May 10th, 2010

Reason for edit: Changed clickable to Squiby


About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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25 Responses to Squiby Contest: N00B Giveaway

  1. Omaniya says:

    Congratulations x2 TheWhistler8!!

    and good luck everyone with the next Squiby!!^^

  2. Omaniya says:

    No winners??!


    • skyelogic says:

      TheWhistler8 ended up winning, again.

      I decided not to post it, though. haha :P

      • Omaniya says:

        Mission1: investigating the secret behind TheWhistler8!!



        How did he manage to do that twice!!

        Next time, I’ll refresh every microSecond!!


      • skyelogic says:

        He uses proxies. They’re used to assign unique IP’s. So under a proxy, Squiby will
        recognize the IP as a unique user and level up once for that day.

        You can continue doing this until you level up the Squiby.
        There are thousands upon thousands of proxies out there ;)

      • Omaniya says:

        Proxies!! o.O

        Task1: Searching for info!! ….,

        Wow.., I searched for Proxies!!

        It has many uses, but can be used to hack other computers!!

        It’s kind of complicated!!

        nvm .., Thx for the intresting information..


  3. Omaniya says:

    I was waiting for it since morning!!

    but missed it!


    I pressed when it was 503 but it didn’t upgrade! cause My sis did B4 me when it was 501

    none of us could make it!! xD

    It’s really funny imagining how we both were refreshing every couple of seconds!! lol


    Anyways, Congratulations to the persone who did the level 500 upgrade ..,


  4. Last Bunneh says:

    the contest ends?? or no

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  6. Magmag says:


  7. thewhistler8 says:

    hey i win!!! im sending u an email with the picture rt now!! so happy :) :) :) :)

  8. CK shinya sano says:

    does everyone who gets level 500 a noob or only the one who got it first?

  9. cool1 says:

    what the heck is it for

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  12. Frim says:

    how the hell do u do it

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