May 17th Updates – Part 2


+Starlight Skate has turned into a venue for the prom – balloons, corsages and discoballs everywhere!+

+Snaps has new backdrops to make your prom memorable in photos forever!+

+Get matching corsages with your honey or friends! Most of them match with the new Elevated Design dresses!+

—[New Starlight Skate Setting]—

New setting in Starlight Skate! Click the white flower to shop!

Balloons and corsages thrown everywhere!

—[New Snaps Backdrops]—

Click the sign to be taken to snaps!

Confetti backdrop

Under the sea backdrop

Dreamy backdrop

Ribbon backdrop

Disco ball backdrop

—[Buy Corsages]—

Female Corsages

Male Ties/Boutonnieres

You can choose a different color for each one!

About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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5 Responses to May 17th Updates – Part 2

  1. Kusho says:

    i cant find them anymore , if anyone have it on their wishlist it will be very helpful

  2. Madison says:

    OMG cant wait
    im wearing the cutest
    DRESS EVER!!!!!!

  3. owh i am so excited!!even though i have a playtest acc but i want to use my ourworld acc coz it has cooler things than my playtest XD

  4. eyredreau says:

    these are awesome!!!! What are the Corsage for anyway? Is there an expired date?

  5. DanielleFtw says:


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