May 17th Updates Part 1


ourWorld condos have changed for everyone.

There are more rooms in the condo and new mystery boxes.

Get a sneak peek at some of the items!

—[Bigger Condo Space]—

Click "Living Room" on the top left to explore and add rooms to your condo!

—[Royal Furnishings Mystery Box]—

Go to the Shop in your Condo, then "Mystery" under "Special" to find it.

What's in the box?! Open and find out!

Royal Bed

Royal Tapestry

Royal Chandelier

Invite some friends over to show off your room!

About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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20 Responses to May 17th Updates Part 1

  1. sugarbaby says:

    there is new updates you no

  2. Lieske25 says:

    When will they be finished updating??
    I want to play OW.
    They didn’t gave us a time schedule.

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  4. xxshadowdragonxx says:

    i meant two condo myatery boxes lol

  5. xxshadowdragonxx says:

    yayy finally we have two mystery boxes

  6. Last Bunneh says:

    my question is what site is good for a blog abbout ow . your site is from wordpress\???

  7. Last Bunneh says:

    i used some of your pic i say credit by lunalocket .thx

  8. pandalover9098 says:

    can tourists have a bedroom

  9. Omaniya says:


    is there only three things in the box or is this a small example of it??

    BTW ur bloog is soo cool liked it =)

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  11. snowy says:

    R these updates 2day on the 10nth or next mondayy???

  12. wow now i understand the new mystery box its so cool

  13. Ralph Lauren says:

    Only Rich can fill every room with stuffs O.O

    i wish theres a stuff that we can buy with coins not with gems lol :S

  14. Storm Cruise says:

    best updates till now

  15. NikkieSweet says:

    You put the updates so fast o.O

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