Randomizer Contest: Win Items!

Enter the contest.  Get lucky.  Win big!

This is an ongoing contest.  And we will run the randomizer every Sunday.

8.  Light Bunny Ears & Tail (28 Gem Value)
88.  Cupid’s Wings (23 Gem Value)
134.  Cheshire Cat Smile (18 Gem Value)

Only 1 entry per person.  If you enter twice with alternate names, we will ban your IP address.

Step 1: Leave a comment!
Enter a comment in the box below with your ourWorld username.

Remember to include your ourWorld Username

Step 2: Randomizer!
We will then place your name, along with others, into a randomizer.

This contest is based on sheer luck.

Step 3: Results!
The names generated with the specified number will receive the items:

8.  Light Bunny Ears & Tail (28 Gem Value)
88.  Cupid’s Wings (23 Gem Value)
134.  Cheshire Cat Smile (18 Gem Value)

You will receive a gift depending on what number you are.

This is an ongoing contest. And we will run the randomizer every Sunday.
Be sure to check back frequently as this is a perfect opportunity to win gifts! ^.^

***Please leave your name in the comments only once. We will enter your name each week after you post it the first time.***
Want more chances at winning even more gems?
Then visit our contest page!
—[Click Here!]—

Last Updated: May 23th, 2010 – 12am PST

Reason for edit:  Changed this weeks prizes

About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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304 Responses to Randomizer Contest: Win Items!

  1. Carlo3000 says:

    my username >>> Carlo3000

    you guys are AWESOME!!!

  2. kewlgirl says:

    Ow name:kewlgirl

  3. joanna smith says:


  4. JustJamie says:


    #161 last time. xD

  5. ana231100 says:



  6. xStardustAngelx says:

    I changed my name… I was xStardustAngelx
    But now I’m Fearless Aura x3

  7. xXCxiAngelXx says:


    if this time doesn’t work then third times a charm! ;D

  8. sammy says:

    6 Moonlight 6

    !!!! cool…this is awesome!!! man, i looooove this website!!!
    :D xxoo

  9. snowlace says:



  10. Ladies Man07 says:

    Ladies Man07

  11. kittylove679 says:

    hey ^^

    name: kittylove679

  12. kkiut says:

    KiuT KiUt

  13. Omaniya says:

    Hi everyone!!

    Can my czn enter the contest too??

    Her OW nickname is: girly girlzz


  14. Alyssie says:

    Hehe…The name alyssie :D

  15. Litainiary says:

    oW Name: Litainiary

    ^_^ Luna and Skye are better than Last Cookie, but both are awesome!

  16. ehsanh says:

    this website rules

  17. Stagaz630 says:

    name: Stagaz630

  18. XxBlueGamerxX says:

    my names :XxBlueGamerxX first contest im entering

  19. robihahaaa says:

    robi hahaaa can you put me in

  20. miss helwa says:

    first time i inter this contest

    my name in our world id miss helwa

  21. Enter me: RalphgoesRAWR

  22. amii x says:

    hi, my ourWorld name is Bella Swan333 and this is the first time i hav done this randomiser thingy…. so i hope i did it right! i love ur site, its set out rly well and u have loads of rly useful stuff on here! thyx so much for all the helpful info!! =]

  23. Eleon says:

    You can enter me into it: Eleon.

  24. Tony says:

    My name is TonyNguyen02

  25. Cedric says:

    ourWorld name: CedricDai

  26. Brittany x3 says:

    i LOVE cereal killers !

    OW name :
    Brittany x3

  27. Cloe104 says:

    Sorry I am not entering twice but just to tell you guys. This is my first time entering a contest here!
    :D :D
    :D :D

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