Squiby Contest #1 – Winner

WINNER: thewhistler8

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Squiby Contest #1 – Winner

Congratulations to the whistler8 for getting to level 500!

You will be awarded with a Level 5 N00B — 400 gems — 1 month residency — the ability to gift (so you can use this character long after you’ve spent the 400 gems!)

***This is an ongoing contest.  Visit our Squiby Post to win***



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I wear a lot of hats.
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7 Responses to Squiby Contest #1 – Winner

  1. bobwazhere45 says:

    Good Job!!
    Sky can u help me get my blog more vistors?

  2. stephen5599 says:

    the link is not working for me

  3. Omaniya says:

    I knew that it will reach 500 2day!

    But unfortunately, the internet was stopped this morning for house maintaince!!

    anyways, great job “thewhistler8”


  4. aisling rox says:

    He’s my BRO in real life lol!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  5. KING says:

    good job
    hes on my friendlist on ow :D

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