9 Responses to Who Wears It Best #2 – Winner

  1. YoungOne says:

    Just wondering ,

    Where is the contest where you have dress up like you’re going into a prom ? ( With Someone )

    I was going to join that contest ^.^

  2. NikkieSweet says:

    Prom Contest Opened!!
    Yaii ^_^

  3. Alexyz says:

    wow… raquel looks great…
    btw this is my first time joining to any competition.

  4. Raquel says:

    Thanks everyone ((:
    I’m glad you liked my Anime School Girl outfit :D
    Btw, my avatar it’s kind of different from Maka, but she was the inspiration anyway.
    ( I still can’t believe I won :D ) Add me !!

  5. xXCxiAngelXx says:

    Sorry for writing another one but didn’t earth princess win again or something??

  6. xxcxiangelxx says:

    wow! Raquel looks awsome!

    can’t wait for another

  7. Omaniya says:

    Raquel Wow.. nice Idea!!


    Godd luck for everyone next time!! <<"

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