Who Wears It Best: N00B Giveaway #3

One winner:
Level 5 Resident w/ 400 gems included


Contest expires: June 4th, 2010

See below for guidelines/details

Note: You may take the picture using snaps or the camera but DO NOT send it from ourWorld. Send it to your e-mail first, then to our e-mail (ckgemcodes@gmail.com) from there!

***IMPORTANT: Do not copy the given example. Be creative. ***

Step 1: Find a prom date and dress up!

You don't have to take the photo at Snaps, take it anywhere!

Step 2: Take a screen shot or use ourWorld camera/Snaps

Different methods of taking picture! See below for How-To on screen shots.

Step 3: Paste/Crop Image (If doing it by screen shot)

Click Print Screen if you aren't using Snaps/ourWorld camera

Paste the photo in any image editing software you have - MS Paint, Photoshop, Corel, etc. We're using MS Paint for this example.

Step 4: Save and e-mail picture (If doing it by screen shot)

Click File then Save As... to save the picture. Make sure to save it somewhere you can find it again!

How to attach a file and email it in Hotmail. Use any e-mail of course!

Guidelines: Read before entering!

Read before entering!

Send To: ckgemcodes@gmail.com

***Remember to write your ourWorld username in the message box. Only one prize per entry. How you and your partner split the prize is up to you guys!
Want more chances at winning even more gems?
Then visit our contest page!
—[Click Here!]—

Last Updated: May 22nd, 2010 – 9:00 pm PST

Reason for edit: Only one person will be reward the prize.

About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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79 Responses to Who Wears It Best: N00B Giveaway #3

  1. SP says:

    Hi LunaLocket
    is it ok if my partner is also a girl?

  2. alvavien says:

    umm….if its ok i i dont have a partner????

  3. Omaniya says:

    It seems that I won’t enter this time!!

    cya next contest!


  4. Mrs O says:

    This sounds lame but can like 2 friends enter together, like girl + girl,
    or does it have to be girl and boy?
    [Im not a lez] xD.

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  6. aakash says:

    i sent my entry

  7. I worked really hard on it. First I made the outfit and all that then I had to make a Gmail account- Not easy to do. Then I had to find out how to attach a picture. Anyways Thanks :]

  8. Skye I just sent my entry in hope you got it I wasn’t really sure how to do it. ^.^ Thanks Luna and Skye [: Love ya guys!

  9. Mrs O says:

    I entered ^^’

  10. gabrielzim says:

    I need help please, I enter contests with clothes and always appears with one of one months ago, when the same clothes that I inrrita because they are already 20 contests with the same machine, please help me

  11. SP says:

    When will the contest end?

  12. llRACTlll says:

    how about the low level wants to join????…they cant buy the item

    • LunaLocket says:

      In that case, any low level is still able to wear the item and take a picture while being in any of the shops. As we mentioned, we want people to get creative as possible ;)

  13. T0XiiC Sharpie says:

    Hey, is it alright if I just take this contest photo in snaps?? The reason why is cuz my laptop doesn’t have any of those photo taking buttons mentioned…

  14. eyredreau says:

    Hey It’s Puppyluv23 again
    That Print Screen SysRq button doesn’t work for me, is there another way?
    If there’s not, I guess I cant enter >:(

    • LunaLocket says:

      There’s a few ways. What operating system do you have? Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac?

      In the mean time, try using the ourWorld camera, take a picture, save it to your album then email it to yourself. Then e-mail it to us.

      For some reason, the pictures won’t send directly from ourWorld to us.

  15. Sawaii says:

    I just entered ^^

  16. NikkieSweet says:

    Oh,yea!I sent my outfit….I hoep that I will win this time xD.

  17. Omaniya says:


    Hope I win this time^^

  18. The Naughty Kid says:

    Hey Luna Skye I’ve experienced the same problem with the ow mailing thing, so I don’t think you got my entry. I have one question, are you going to post a new clothing today or keeping this one?

  19. audreyksna says:

    I think you should have the public vote cuz we don’t really know your style. Just a thought.

    • skyelogic says:

      We would do a public vote, but a voting system can be easily tampered with.
      We will try to update with a guideline to follow and give reasoning behind the
      outfit we chose. Whenever Luna has time lol ^.^

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  21. TheBanana says:

    Did you get my entry?

  22. Monicamsa says:

    When is the contest deadline? I know it changed because you changed the prize and stuff. Could you postpone it till Thursday?? i hate waiting :P check me out on oW. username-monicamsa. Also can you show the winner on the website. I want to see who i lost to. lol

  23. D: Its Wednesday, I h ave alot todo, Hopefully when I come home from school I can see who the winner is. I have this HUGE test. Its a state one, Wish me luck!!

  24. Omaniya says:

    I’ve sent an outfit

    hope I win XP

    I sent twice since in the first pic. I forgot to wear the shirt ><"

    Hope u won't accept the first msg form me!!

    I sent another with the correction!


  25. llRACTlll says:

    .i dont know how to send it in email T_T…..

  26. NikkieSweet says:

    I sent 2 pics…One of them is with a scooter…I accedentaly sent it and it`s horrible o_O
    After that,I sent the correct one,with an Angle White Outfit.Please,count the white one.

  27. Nana x3 says:

    printscreen doesnt work on my laptop ><

    • LunaLocket says:

      Do you have a Macbook? Or PC laptop? If so, what kind?

    • Omaniya says:

      If u use Windows7 then u can use “Snipping Tool”

      If u use a HP laptop then to use Print screen (prt sc) u have to press (fn) near (ctrl)

      Press both (fn) and (prt sc) same time << the same techniq of using (shift)

    • xXCxiAngelXx says:

      i have a MacBook and I uses screen shot.


      1. hold down ‘shift’, ‘command’ and ‘4’
      2. click, hold down and drag over the area you wish to take the photo
      3. when you’ve done that let go and check your background thingy,
      the photo will show up there!!

      Hope I helped :)

      • LunaLocket says:

        I have a Mac too :) I used it to make that guide haha. But I believe the majority of people who play ourWorld use Windows so I just used that guide. Thanks for the tips!

  28. Rosier says:

    Oh wow, I just realised I forgot to put my ourWorld username in the email >< It's in the pic, but I'm not sure if it's clear enough… Should I resend the email with my username or just post it here?

  29. x Audrey x says:

    When is voting time? (:

  30. I really don’t get this, You get 300 gems on your noob with residency on your noob? Or your main account?

    • skyelogic says:

      So what you win is…

      A level 5 resident who has 400 gems.
      We’ll give you the email and password.
      You’ll, then, own the account and will be able to gift yourself. And you can continue to use the account each week for the weekly gem codes to gift yourself even more. So you’re getting quite a bit. Much better than the original 100 gem award ^.^

  31. TheBanana says:

    I entered :D

  32. EarthPrincess says:

    Hmm,can you please check if I have entered?
    Because I’m not sure if it’s sent,sometimes photo album’s photos fail to send to e-mails even if it says it’s sent.

  33. Sting161 says:


  34. umm….just wondering….did u get my photo? :P

  35. NikkieSweet says:

    Omg.Omg.Omg :O
    I love this contest ^^
    I`m going to take a pic
    *yaiii-wishes to win*

  36. Anabel123 says:

    So…just wondering…if a person won this week, would they be able to win again?

  37. Rosier says:

    Nice contests, I love this site, been using it for stuff all the time! I have a problem though. I took the photo, but I can’t save it. It says I have -1 photo slots, whenI haven’t used any. Would I just be able to SS the photo and send it to you?

    • skyelogic says:

      Yeah, of course. You can send in your photo by any means.
      In fact, there’s been a problem with the ourWorld mailing system and I haven’t been getting many of the entries. I wonder why that is? o.O?

      Anyway, remember to send it to my email —
      skyelogic@gmail.com or ckgemcodes@gmail.com

      Thanks ^.^

      • Rosier says:

        Ah, I don’t like when ourWorld gets all glitchy >< But yey, now I just have to wait for hotmail to start working again xD Thankss!

  38. ooppss!no i mean i am the girl with pink classic earmpuff,CHEERLEADER OUTFIT with my skateboard

  39. lol..this is so easy but awesome!..i hope i win this contest..!

    check me out !.i’m the girl with the pink classic earmpuff,pink prim party dress with my skateboard ;)

  40. Well… How many times can you enter?

    • skyelogic says:

      You can only enter once per account.

      “This is an ongoing contest and a winner will be chosen every Wednesday.
      During that time, a new Item will be updated for another chance at winning 100 gems.”

      Thanks for commenting, BubbleWrap
      — Skye :)

  41. this is awsum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. eyredreau says:

    I sent me entry in, Im the big girl, with classic white earmuffs, pink hair, hoverboard…

    – Puppyluv23

  43. LunaCroft says:

    So… every week – Wed will be new contests so new items?

    • skyelogic says:

      Yes! Every Wednesday we will replace the old item (in this case, the classic earmuffs) with another item.

      A winner will be chosen. And a new contest will begin. So you’ll have a chance at winning 100 gems each week.

      Aren’t we nice, hm? :)

      • eyredreau says:

        ya, totally, SO we can win a lvl 5 noob, with 400 gems, and resident on our noob account or just or usall account????

        I cant send myslef gifts on lvl 5 only lvl 25??? >:(

        – Puppyluv23

      • skyelogic says:

        We’ll tweak the level 5 n00b so you can send gifts to yourself.

        This way you’re getting 300 more gems. It still cost the same 5.99, though.

  44. Kristen3985 says:

    ALL WHAT I WANT ON OW…I CAN FIND HERE!!!!! GUYS YOUR WEB IS THE BEST! :) Check out me on ourworld: my name is Kristen3985. :))))

  45. aisling rox says:

    I entered! :D hope i win sooo bad!! xxxxxxxxx

    • aisling rox says:

      this is actually the best blog EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys have everything on here cheats walk throughs contests…………….EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I LOVE YE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  46. fullsorrow says:


  47. eyredreau says:

    Does it have to be a certain outfit or no?
    ex) The junket outfit or can we wear whateva we want?

  48. xoxpreddiieexox says:


    • skyelogic says:

      “This is an ongoing contest and a winner will be chosen every Wednesday.

      During that time, a new Item will be updated for another chance at winning 100 gems.”

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