May 31st Updates Pt. I


ourWorld condos have changed for everyone.

There are more rooms in the condo.

There are also new games, and the highly anticipated Skeleton Key Dungeon!

Get a sneak peek at some of the New Additions!

—[Kitchen Added!]—

Now we can add a Kitchen to our Condo! w00t w00t XD

—[All New Kitchen Items!]—

New Kitchen Items!

Volla Kitchen Items

Blue Cow Kitchen Items

Lady King Kitchen Items

Otto Kitchen Items

Sugar Star Kitchen Items

—[New Games]—

Kaban Sheep Blast Zombie Mall

—[Skeleton Key Dungeon!]—

Skeleton Key Dungeon - Not open yet! But the entrance is up.

See this post for more details about the Golden Keys


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9 Responses to May 31st Updates Pt. I

  1. puppyluv23 says:

    Can you find a key if your not a resident???

  2. JJ Jake1997 says:

    wait so where’s the key exactly?
    did i miss the event when it appeared?

  3. krsitna says:

    wait so r the keys hidden on the boardwalk right now

  4. robihahaaa says:

    now dungeon is oped on PT take a look :)

  5. miss helwa says:

    am lookig 4 word nice updates

    • Omaniya says:

      Welcome sister^^


      Me too looking forword for the updates!! =)

      Will we be able to cook something?? XP

      Imagine that we should let our charecture eat or she’s dead!! +_+

      Or our charecture becomes fat or thinner occurding to what she eats!! *_*


      .. just imagining!! .. xD

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