Web Hunt #24

Here are all of this week’s web hunt answers!

The contest will run for ONE week (until 6/01/10)
and there will be TWENTY winners:
– The first 10 people that send in the correct answers
– And 10 randomly selected, lucky winners

E-mail the answers and your ourWorld name to webhunt@ourworld.com.
Please include “Web Hunt #24″ in the subject line.

Good luck everyone!!!

Web Hunt#24

expires: 06/01/1

1) Game Challenge: Get to Level 2 of Mining Truck, how many purple pieces do you have to transport?

A: Two

2) 2) Game Trivia: In MK5 Workbot, how do you activate your Turbo?

A: Click the space bar on keyboard

3) Gaming Break: You’ll need to have a Facebook account and the ourWorld Toolbar installed to complete this step!
First, visit ourWorld.com — you’ve probably been there before =).
Now, click the “Like” button on your ourWorld Toolbar. You may be asked to log in to your Facebook account.
So that we can check whether you did this step, please leave your Facebook name as the answer to this step.

A: Follow directions and leave Facebook name, NOT ourWorld name or real name

Note: Unfortunately, there is no known way around this one. You have to download the toolbar :/

4) Game Trivia: In Black White Car, what happens when you collect 3 stars?

A: You can unlock rocket mode

5) Game Challenge: Get to Level 5 of Mechanics! How many GREEN gears are there on Level 5?

A: Four green gears


About LunaLocket

Hi I'm Luna. I like to play MMO's with my boyfriend SkyeLogic.
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2 Responses to Web Hunt #24

  1. Sawaii says:

    Thank you for the answers!

    Oh,and in question 3,I think you don’t have to have toolbar:]

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