ourWorld Item Increase

Did you know items in ourWorld cost more?  I bet you didn’t… wait, you already knew about the price increase!?  *uses mind-reading abilities*  You think we’re posting this a bit late?!  Bu… But… okay, maybe you’re right.  But give us some credit.  It’s better late than never, riiiiight ^_^

The boxes use to cost 28 gems and now they cost 35 gems.  Other items in ourWorld cost more now too.  But no worries!  The items will eventually cost less in the future.  Remember, a gem saved is a gem earned… or something like that.  And off the subject, what do you think about our new commenting system?  Let us know if you like it or, dare i say, hate it.  Leave a comment below so we can make improvements for you!

New updates coming soon.  Thanks ourWorlders ^^


About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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