400 word toolbar list.

Here is a list of searches and search terms you can use to get gems on the new ourWorld search bar. Every four searches equals 4 gems. The limit is 400 searches 100 gems, every month. You also can get 10 gems every week by clicking “bonus 10 gems.”

cinema’s, Ryan Reynolds, Celeb’s, Fear, Human’s, rugs, pillows, games, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, sunshine, rain, cloudy, torrential rain, rain, thunderstorms, weather, hail, snow, wet, windy, dry, breezy, window, houses, famous paintings, Macbeth, shakespear, Britain, Barack Obama, The queen, leaders, castles, flowers, scary movies, bracelets, jeweler, earnings, shoes, socks, clothing, pets, trophies, medals, decorations, sea, ocean, countries, shores, fisherman, fish, sea animals, surf, stuffed, waves, surfboards, sand, rocks, ships, flags, trees, fur, love, happiness, beliefs, adverts, stuffed animals, whales, Brands, cars, wales, bedrooms, architects, vets, jobs, patterns, messages, email, hotmail, Channels, Trains, Train times, bus stops, bus, field, grass, wheat, claws, money, subjects, randomness, devotion, door handle, oven, kitchen utensils, french, german,  languages, beliefs, reincarnation, heaven, hell, sweets, chocolate, trick or treat, family, relatives, copy, highlight, cut, wordenter, lmao, omg, Butnoises, sounds, instruments, flute, guitar, recorder, trombone, trumpet, crumpet, patatoe cakes, knifes, spoons ,forks, sporks, vacuum cleaners, black holes, collar, name tag, id card, necklace, stretchy, zoo, asphalt, already, property, stay, disarm, Justin Bieber, Justin bieber Perfume, Beaver, Rihanna, Games, Disney, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday,  Animals, Names, Insects, Tinychat,  Downworld, Festivals, Events, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Monsters, Murders, Mysterys, Television, Videos, Gardens, Glitches, Art, Music, Geography, Sports, Lessons, Solar system, songs, lyrics, plays, theater, movies, acres, adult, advice, arrangement, attempt, August, Autumn, border, breeze, brick, calm, canal, Casey, cast, chose, claws, coach, constantly, contrast, cookies, customs, damage, Danny, deeply, depth, discussion, doll, donkey, Egypt, Ellen, essential, exchange, exist, explanation, facing, film, finest, fireplace, floating, folks, fort, garage, grabbed, grandmother, habit, happily, Harry, heading, hunter, Illinois, image, independent, instant, January, kids, label, Lee, lungs, manufacturing, Martin, mathematics, melted, memory, mill, mission, monkey, Mount, mysterious, neighborhood, Norway, nuts, occasionally, official, ourselves, palace, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, plates, poetry, policeman, positive, possibly, practical, pride, promised, recall, relationship, remarkable, require, rhyme, rocky, rubbed, rush, sale, satellites, satisfied, scared, selection, shake, shaking, shallow, shout, silly, simplest, slight, slip, slope, soap, solar, species, spin, stiff, swung, tales, thumb, tobacco, toy, trap, treated, tune, University, vapor, vessels, wealth, wolf, Forums, News, Signatures, posts, weekend, Pie, Banana, cake, chicken, cool, cute, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, free, gems, ourWorld, Yahoo, test, mode, test mode 42, ourWorld.com, gaia, earn, blog, fire, fox, fire fox, google, google chrome, buy, ask, ask.com, bonus, web, red, red dramatic, red dramatic cape, game, link, game link, post, post count, organic potatoes, google images, UFO, aliens, angel, angelbeats, Dogs, penis, dogs adoption, cats, cat history, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, dildo, Beauty, catfight, villa, system, armed, bubble, Giggle, robotic, cookies, live seen tiger shoot, laugh saw bear codes, learn friend sadness, selling help happyness, buying photoshop playful, hotmail master hot, find ninja cold, found nun, water, hello play urban, man messages useful, woman, colors, clay, read bee paint, warmth, zoe.

You can download the tool bar here http://cms.freecause.com/site/ourworld

Helpful hint: Because you’re going to be searching fast the toolbar will “try” to stop you. To work over this click images, then click web, then images again, and go on with searches under images.

Also a big thank you to all that helped me make the list of words!


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