Support ourWorld Bloggers

ourWorld has generated strong support from its community of users, spawning hundreds of player-run blogs mostly hosted on The player blogs generally publish news and information on events in the game along with secrets and cheats for advancing faster within the game.  They usually do this out of support for ourWorld.

Currently, ourWorld has over 15 million registrations and is growing worldwide.  In the past, ourWorld has relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, such as blogs, in order to increase its membership.  ourgemcodes would like to take the time to recognize the less-popular ourWorld blogs.  We are very supportive of the ourWorld blogging community.  I mean, why else would we make this post?  If it isn’t obvious by now, we love helping people ^_^

—>>   ourWorld Blog List   <<—

I’ve also taken the time to create banners of my favorite ourWorld Blogs
Click the banners to visit them:



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