ourWorld Magic Shovels

Magic shovels will be coming to ourWorld, after the August 8th update. So be ready to wait a very long time… or be like me, and hop in your time machine ;)

Shovels will be in stores and will cost gems. Use your shovel to go on daily treasure hunts! Simply enter a room, select your shovel and dig like a pirate. You won’t always find treasure. And you can only search a room once per day. Whenever a new day begins, everything resets and you’ll be able to search all over again!


So far, there is only one kind of shovel available and it can only be used to dig up coins and flow.  In the future, there will be more kinds of shovels with different abilities. Some shovels might allow you to dig up items and other shovels might allow you to dig up super rares.

Credits: Czarcasm, Dougaroo, FlowPlay and Pirates


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3 Responses to ourWorld Magic Shovels

  1. NinjaRave x3 says:

    On My Computer It Says Our World Is Still Upgrading..?
    I Dunno It Its Just My Computer Being Stupid…. .______.

    And I Know Your Not A Technician But I Was Just Wondering, Does It Still Say That For Anybody Else?

  2. Ivy711 says:

    Yay! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jsjsjs says:

    hi were is the shovel?

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