ourWorld Condo Gem Saving Tip

You want to make new rooms but you don’t want to waste 100 gems on each room?  No problem!  Now tourists can get 3 rooms maximum, without buying extra rooms.

As you can see in the picture above, if you’re a tourist then you can make up to 3 different room decorations (residents can make more).

So, all you have to do is:

1: Go and decorate your condo as a Living Room.

2: Save it as “Living Room”.

3: Now that you saved it, remove all your stuff from your condo to make it empty, then decorate it as a kitchen!!

4: Now that you decorated it, do the same steps to save it, like you saved the Living Room.

5: Now make the same steps for the “Bathroom”, first empty your condo from all the furniture, and redecorate it as a bathroom, then save it.
Now you have three rooms!

For residents: You can have more than three room decorations, so why don’t you use this easy way instead of buying rooms with gems?

So now you have a Living Room, a Kitchen and a Bathroom, or you can make a Bedroom instead of a Living Room if you want, it’s up to you =)


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