OurGemCodes Forum Staff Applications

Hey OurGemCodes users! Trae and Hina here –

As many of you know, the OurGemCodes forums are doing GREAT!

They have been up for 2 weeks now and already over 1,000 members and 13,000 posts!

With the huge quantity of members and posts flowing in, the moderation team on the forums has their hands full – Therefore; We’re going to recruit 2 active members to become an official OurGemCodes moderator!

Some of you ask – How do I become a moderator?

The task is quite simple –

Firstly let’s start with requirements –

  • You must have atleast 50 QUALITY posts on the forums. The staff team will review all applicants posts to see if they spam or post relevantly to the topic.
  • You must be atleast 13 years of age – No exceptions. Your age will be what you signed up on the forums as.
  • You must have some knowledge of being a moderator before.
  • Must be an active oW player
  • You must have some-what proper grammar; This is VERY important. Your current posts will be monitored for proper grammar usage.

Now that that’s out of the way – How to Apply –

To apply you must fill the application out below and send it as an E-MAIL to – OGCMods@hotmail.com

Application –

Current OurWorld Username :

How long have you played OurWorld :

Current Forum Username :

Current Forum Posts :

Age :

Past Moderator Experience (If Any) :

Where did you get this experience :

Why do you think you should become a moderator :

Qualities you believe put you “ahead of the game” for the moderator position :

Extra Information :

Staff Applications will be open until Friday 19th, August.

The staff team will review all e-mailed applications, and decide on the next 2 forum moderator by Monday August 22nd

Goodluck applicants,

Thanks for your time

OGC Forum Staff


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