Gem Guides: ourWorld GameBar

This guide is intended for people who do not know how to use the ourWorld GameBar.

Step 1: Download the ourWorld Gamebar by clicking the image/link below

>>Click Here To Download<<
Step 2: Once on the page, click the button titled ‘Install’

Step 3: After you’ve downloaded the GameBar, restart your internet browser.

The GameBar looks something like this (sorry for the bad pic)..

Now To Get Gems:

Step 4: Search..

4 Searches = 1 Gem

100 Gems is the most you can get.

You Can Also Get 10 Free Gems every week!!! ;D Make Sure You Click On The ‘BONUS: 10’ You Will Get 10 Gems. It Only Works Once a Week. :D

<- This Is What It Looks Like

And Thats All :)

**This is good if you want gems fast for a certain item you need and/or want.  Then after you're done, just uninstall it!


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One Response to Gem Guides: ourWorld GameBar

  1. it'sfurt says:

    why the bouns doesn’t appear on the toolbar ?! .-.

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