Contest: OurWorld’s Got Talent

Hey there! :D You have a chance to share your talent, and if you are the best, you get a prize!
What you must do:
You must make an outfit, take a photo with that and show the original and the ourWorld variant, as the authors from ourgemcodes do. Then, comment at this post and add the photo. In the comment, you must write: your ourWorld account, The prize and the colour you want if you`ll win(whose value respects the gem limit)and what posts you`d like to see on ourgemcodes. I`ll check all the comments out and I`ll choose the winners.
Which are the gem limits?
1st place: 30 gems
2nd place: 20 gems
3nd place: 10 gems
You can post comments until 25th august 2011 and I`ll post as soon as possible the winners (before 30th august 2011). :D
Break a leg! (Good luck! ) :D
~iiCocain x

About Skye Logic

I wear a lot of hats.
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