ourWorld News: September 19 Updates

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Updates for September 19th, 2011
Click the titles to read more! 

Hallween 2011 Costumes

Get your spooky on with all-new, frightfully fantastic costumes.  Only available for a limited time!

Zoe’s Club Obsidian Dungeon

Zoe’s Club Members get special Premium Keys.
Look for a new Obsidian Key that will unlock exclusive premium prizes!

ourWorld 2011 Video Contest

Can you make the ultimate ourWorld Halloween horror video?
You could win loads of Gems in this contest!

October 2011 Midnight Menace Set

Dangerous and demonic, these will fill your dark heart with delight!
Get your spooky and limited monthly items before it’s too late!

October 2011 Cursed Altar

A mysterious altar will appear in your Condo for the Residents of ourWorld.
Do you dare to touch it?  Is it cursed?  You decide!

ourWorld Residents Day!

Residents will get an all new, super-rare mystery box, on September 17th!
Items can include Crimson Flame Basilisk Claws, Azure Tide Basilisk Claws and more…


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I wear a lot of hats.
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