ourWorld Yahoo! Instant Messenger

Have you ever wanted to play ourWorld without a chat filter?  Well now you can!  Play ourWorld on Yahoo! Instant Messenger and you’ll be able to chat with one of your closest friends in your ourWorld condo (without a filter).  Now you can say all those words you’ve always wanted to, AH YEAH!!!

There are some minor setbacks to playing on Yahoo!, however.  You will need a Yahoo! ID and you will need to download Yahoo! Instant Messenger.  You will only be able to chat in your condo with 1 friend at a time.  These limitations on gameplay are both good and bad.  Since ourWorld is only allowing a few features through Yahoo!, you’ll notice the game runs much faster and smoother than usual.  This is due to the fact that ourWorld doesn’t have to load as many items or files.  It’s perfect for players who have large inventories and would like for them to load almost instantly.  Below are a few more reasons why you should play ourWorld through Yahoo!

ourWorld IMVironemnt Features:

  • No ourWorld chat filter – say what you want!
  • Use yahoo text/emoticons/audibles for more enhanced chat
  • Have personal and/or private conversations with friends
  • ourWorld runs faster and smoother since you can only play in your condo
  • Chat with friends outside of ourWorld by connecting Yahoo! to your phone
  • Play more games through Yahoo! IMV (doodle, football, chess, etc…)
ourWorld Yahoo! Instant Messenger hasn’t been released yet.  There are a few minor bugs that still need squashing.  But in the meantime, as we wait patiently, you can head on over to Yahoo! and create an account.  Once you’re finished with that, simply download Yahoo! Instant Messenger and begin adding friends!
This new app should be released within the next couple weeks.  We’ll keep you updated!

Step I:

Step II:

Download Yahoo! Instant Messenger

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