ourWorld Winter Updates

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Updates for November 28th-29th, 2011 (est.)
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Frost Box 2011

Get the spectacularly festive, all-new, wonderfully Frost Box 2011.  Only available for a limited time!

December Monthly Set

Get these awesome items in the month of December!
Only available for a limited time

December Resident Condo Item

Get this very special castle for your very special condo
Every prince and princess has one!  You should too!

Holiday Presents

Get this festive stocking and go around ourWorld looking for presents!
You’ll have plenty of chances to win a super rare winter item!
(We will post a list of all the items you can get)

Critter Garden Powerup

Place this almighty powerup item somewhere in your critter garden!

Christmas Winter Hairstyles

Hurry!  Get them before it’s too late!
These hairstyles are only available for a limited time!!

ourWorld Winter Theme

Snow is coming to ourWorld, changing all the islands into a winter wonderland.
Tis’ the season to be freezing cold, brrr

Halloween Video Contest Results

ourWorld will announce the winner of the Halloween Video Contest!
Of course, the top 3 winning videos will be posted on ourgemcodes ^_^

Click Here to Play ourWorld!


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