Join OGC’s ourWorld Forums!

We’ve updated our forums to make them better than ever!  Make an account today and have your own profile, follow friends who follow you, have premium upgrades and much more.  Here are some reasons why you should join our forums:

  • If you post an outfit, artwork, or video in our forums then you might see it appear on the frontpage of ourgemcodes!
  • We will hold daily contests, taken from posts made by you in the forums!  Hold your own contest.  See it on ourgemcodes!
  • Chat with your closest friends and get status updates on what they’re doing
  • Get trophy’s and likes for being active on the forums
  • Make your own photo album.  Choose to have it public or private!
  • If you have an ourWorld blog then join our blogging team! 8D
  • And much much more…
Also, if you join our forums and have been a member for 3 months and have over 50 likes then your account will automatically upgrade to Premium!  Our premium members get exclusive benefits:
  • Download ourWorld trainers and ourWorld hacking programs
  • Access to premium only forums and premium only chatroom
  • Upload 25 pictures to a post, instead of 10 pictures
  • Invite 15 people to a private conversation, instead of 3
The OGC ourWorld Forums is like Facebook + Forum.  In fact, if you’d rather sign in with Facebook then you can!  Join in the conversation and get the latest hacks.

Click here to join the Forums!


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