Paper Child Contest!

Ellooo all! Its Only here!
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An exciting NEW contest has arisen on the OGC Forums! Paper Child Contest!

Paper Child Contest Details:

All you have to do is create your very own paper child! (If you are not sure click the contest forum link above for examples).

For this contest there shall be two winners! The prize for these winners is not yet known. You can post as many Paper children you want! The two people with the most ‘cutest’ paper children shall be the winners!  Good luck to all who will and have entered! Have Fun!

Contest Prizes: Surprise Gifts

How to enter:  Upload your entry to the forums or in the comments below.  Remember to include your ourWorld username! 8D

Contest Closing Date: 2nd December 2011

Want to hold your own contest? Want it featured on ourgemcodes? Then sign up to our forums.


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