ourWorld Guide: Christmas Treats

December 25th is Christmas, at which time good little boys and girls get super rares and all you naughty little boys and girls get poop. While you wait for Santa, you can collect Christmas treats in ourWorld!

Here’s how:

1. Purchase and equip a Holiday Stocking. You can do so by seeing Zoe at the Boardwalk.

2. Look for presents placed around ourWorld, they’re at The Boardwalk, The Pier, Soho, Electric Avenue and Wonderland.

3. If the present is unopened, click it. You will receive either a common item, a rare item, or a super rare item!

Common Items

Less Common Items

Rare Items

Some facts about getting Christmas Treats:

  • You can get different colored items from the ones posted above.
  • You cannot get 2 of the same item.
  • You must wait 5 minutes before you can open another present.
  • The stocking cost 20 gems. The items you get are FREE!

Happy Holidays, let us know in the comments what items you have received!


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