Logo Contest “ourWorldAddicted”

Logo Contest


Contest Created By: Astelle Aram

For this new contest all you have to do is create two logos!

 Make two separate logo’s saying “ourWorldAddicted”. For each logo there will be a theme:

1. Christmas:

Ideas that you could include for this logo:  Cold colours such as blue, traditional Christmas colours, gold, red, green. Objects relating to Christmas such as candy cane, Christmas trees, prezzies.. ECT.

2. Summer:

Ideas that you could include for this logo: Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow. Objects related to the theme ‘Summer’ such as the sun, flowers, the beach… ECT.

The winner  of the contest will get a prize!  A Frost Box! 

How To Entre:

Upload your entry to the forum Contest Page: http://www.ourgemcodes.com/forums/threads/logo-contest-d.4320/#post-68271

or upload your entry in the comments below.

Remember to include your ourWorld username!

If you have not created a Forum account click the following link: Sign Up Now!

Contest Ends on December 17th
Good Luck!

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I wear a lot of hats.
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