How to make an ourWorld Video (1st Method)

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make an ourWorld Video then wonder no more! I’ll show you two ways, in a two part post, on how you can become an ourWorld director:

Step 1 – Be a photographer!

Capture ourWorld pictures and save them to your album.

Step 2 – Send an Email!

Send the photos to your email address.

Step 3 – You got mail!

Check your email for the photos you sent.

Step 4 – Save! Save! Save!

Save the picture to your desktop/computer.  Depending on your browser, you will have to use the “Save As” button.


  • DON’T delete any pictures from your ourWorld account until you are SURE they emailed and you got it in your email.
  • DON’T refresh ourWorld before saving the pictures because if you refresh, any picture that isn’t uploaded will get removed.

You can use the Print Screen button if you have one on your keyboard.  The PRTSC Button takes a photo of your current screen and copies it to your clipboard.

Once you save the pictures to your computer, you will have to open Windows Movie Maker or a different “Video Editor”.  Video editors allow you to add effects, transitions, titles, credits, music and much more.  I use Windows Movie Maker.  If you don’t have Windows Movie Maker then can download it for free.  Yes, I said FREE.  Just follow the link below:

If you don’t know how to use Windows Movie Maker, search for guides on the net or search Youtube.  It’s so easy.  And no movie can be done without a video editing program, unless you use the second way of creating a video… which will be posted very soon in my How to Make an ourWorld Video (Pt. 2).

Example of a video created using this method:

How To Make An ourWorld Video (Pt 2.)

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