How to make an ourWorld Video (Method #2)

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make an ourWorld Video then wonder no more!  I’ll show you two ways, in a two part post, on how you can become an ourWorld director:

How to make an ourWorld Motion Picture:

What is an ourWorld Motion Picture?  To be simple, a motion picture is a series of still or moving images.  For this method, we will be using moving images (moving grooving images, that is).
Now what we’ll need is a program that can record pictures on your computer screen.  Famous programs for this are: “Hyper Cam” and/or “Unregistered Cam”

The one we’ll be using is “Hyper Cam”.  It’s free and can be downloaded from the net.  You also have the option to download a toolbar for recording videos (as seen below):

Now if you don’t understand how to use these programs, then you can always search for guides on the net or search guides on Youtube.

Tip: You can use Windows Movie Maker with this, to add some effects, titles or music.

Tip: In my opinion, compiling a bunch of photos described in my first method is much better.

Example of video: (using method #2)


This guide is intended for new players.  Some of you know how to make an ourWorld video and some don’t.  Give the learners a chance.

And I hope you learned something! ;)

How To Make An ourWorld Video (Method #1)

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