Monthly items: February 2012

Hey everyone!

February, the month of love, is right around the corner!  So why not spoil you with next month’s items?  I’m CERTAIN you’ll love these! The name of the set isn’t official yet, but I have a feeling it’ll have something to do with ribbons.

PLEASE NOTE: According to ourWorld staff and rumors I’ve heard, these are not all the items. There are still more to come and I shall post them if and when they are released.

Box Set:

Jackets (female):

Jackets (male):

Scarves (female):

Scarves (male):

Handheld left hand (female/male):

Handheld right hand (female/ male):

That’s it!.. for now.  I’ll be keeping tabs on those other supposed items for you.

PLEASE NOTE: The difference between the girls and boys’ items is that the girls have light purple and pink and the boys have dark purple and green.

Past Monthly Items (Archives)

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