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ourWorld Gem Codes was founded on October 3rd, 2010. Our site launched on November 1st, 2010.  Our goal is to make ourWorld a better place for players and improve your gaming experience.  We are partners with several other gaming sites.  And the success and expansion of ourgemcodes is in our greatest interest.

You may find the creators of the site listed below.  We are a close-knit community and cherish character and kindness above all else.  The work here has been made voluntary and free for you to use!  Thanks ^_^

OGC Administrators

~ Site founders and creators who do technical computer stuff ~

Skye Pie

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Skye is an aspiring web-developer, programmer and bio-human.  Outside of ourgemcodes, he spends his time learning how to speak robot.  If you would like to know more about him then send him a message on ourWorld!

Luna Clipse

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Luna is one of the developers of ourgemcodes and CK Crew.  She love playing ourWorld and making new outfits.  Look her up and see what she’s wearing.

OGC Editors

~ Can edits other people’s posts and schedule them to publish ~

Skka (Last Cookie)

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Ani, also known as Last Cookie, began blogging since June 2009.  She is, without a doubt, the most renown player in ourWorld.  Her reputation and popularity has made her fans by the thousands!

Insomniac x3

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Hey, I’m Amber. I’m playing ourWorld for about a year now. I prefer originality and people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Also, I love creating outfits, making friends and having fun. Feel free to send me a message on oW. (: See you there!


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Ben is an experienced blogger and good friend.  He began blogging for ourGemCodes in September 2010.  Since then, he’s managed to become an editor.

Open Editor Position

If you’re an author, then this could be you someday!

OGC Authors

~ Can publish and edit posts and upload files to ourgemcodes ~

Cach (Prey)

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Prey has been blogging for years now.  He lives in America and loves gaming and web design.  He has several ourWorld blogs, but still makes time to post on ourgemcodes.  He’s a good friend!

CK Omaniya

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Hey.., :D  I’m Omaniya.., I like to imitate anime characters using ourworld outfits and I love designing pictures and GIFs. My OW account is CK Omaniya .. Have fun ^.^


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We are so convinced by our own beliefs, that we disclaim any other verity that denies it. In such chaos, we will never concur, nor experience something that we could call truth.


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Karen is from West Philadelphia, born and raised.  On the playground is where she spends most of her days.  She likes chillen’ out, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool.  She likes shooting some b-ball outside of the school.  Add her on ourWorld.

Open Author Position

If you’re a contributor, then this could be you someday!

Open Author Position

If you’re a contributor, then this could be you someday!

OGC Contributors

~ Can submit posts to ourgemcodes ~

prince T 300


Hannah Frost









Freak 8D


iiCocain x


Iria x3




MC Spark

Sparks Fly

OWHS Rami x3


Red Swag

Save Me


Shawn Eclipse



True Inspiration


TF Candy


Zack Pie

Open Contributor Position

Open Contributor Position

**If you’re interested in working with us then read this thread

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