Stolen Contest Photos

What is a stolen contest picture? Well a time long ago, OurWorld did not disable photographs while sitting in the Catwalk. This enabled people to take pictures of clever outfits submitted in fashion shows. Once pictures were introduced in the contests, this feature became troublesome. This allowed people to take pictures of other members pictures and claim them as their own. Although OurWorld cannot remove these pictures individually, there is a way we as a community can make sure that these “picture thieves” do not profit from someone else’s hard work.

How to identify a stolen picture:

Stolen Contest Picture

There are two ways to identify stolen pictures.

1. Notice the double white border in redhotchese’s picture? You may also note the subtle Catwalk background before the interior white border.

2. All pictures have an OurWorld stamp at the bottom right, because this is a picture of a picture, there are two stamps!

So what can we do? Not much, but I implore to the community that we not vote these pictures to later rounds as these individuals shouldn’t receive any benefits from taking someone else’s creativity.


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