ourWorld Spotlight Posts

ourWorld Spotlight posts is the newest feature coming to http://www.ourgemcodes.com

The idea of ourWorld is to interact with your peers on a virtual level.  We all have our dramatic moments and OGC understands that in any social environment, will come lots of gossip and drama.  We also understand ourWorld has lots of “power players” with amazing condos, super rare items, awesome critter gardens, and in-game high scores.

Our ourWorld Spotlight Posts will be similar to a teen magazine, following the latest news on some of the most renown players in ourWorld.  Here are some of the posts you’ll see, on some of the players we find most interesting:

  • OGC Admins and OGC Editors
  • Top ourWorld Bloggers and ourWorld YouTubers
  • Top posters in the OGC Forums or OGC Donators
  • Top players in ourWorld (most super rares, epic condos, high scores, critter garden…)
  • Most helpful commenters on ourgemcodes
ourWorld Spotlight Posts may consist of the following:
  • Read interviews with ourWorld Spotlight Players
  • Read the latest gossip with ourWorld Spotlight Players
  • See the biggest and most blingest condos in ourWorld
  • Get to know the richest players with most flow, coins, and super rares
  • See the best Critter Gardens and High Scores
This feature will come to http://www.ourgemcodes.com in the next few days.  Remember to check back often!

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